Toni Anderson – Storm Warning

I love a romance with a dash of paranormal thrown in, so this novel was right up my alley. The plot was complex and well developed, the writing brilliant, and the characters deep and enticing.

Sorcha Logan is looking for peace.

Recently returned to her hometown on Scotland’s craggy coast, Sorcha wants to tame the spirits that made her flee. When she finds a corpse in the surf, however, she can’t suppress the memory of discovering her father’s body. Nor can she suppress the ghosts that haunt her—or the town’s conviction that she’s dangerous, and a witch.

Ben Foley is looking for a killer.

An American DEA agent, Ben is in town to investigate the suspicious death of his partner. He’s sure that Sorcha knows more than she’s letting on—but the more time he spends with the sexy suspect, the less he can fight their illicit attraction. And the less certain he is she’s involved with a drug cartel. But can Ben protect Sorcha from being set up? Or worse—killed?

Sorcha, our heroine, was branded a witch as a child after finding her father dead at her feet with no memory of how his drowned body got there. Fifteen tortured years later, she returns to her home town to face new terrors and a decade old mystery. Her character is smart and determined without any silly girl hang-ups you get with some female characters. Yes, she had her heart broken in the past but it doesn’t stop her from discovering more about the sexy new guy in town Ben. Sorcha has spunk and a backbone of steel and can kick butt like the best of them. I absolutely loved her character.

Ben is an undercover DEA agent set to break a complicated case after his cover is blown open on a mission is Columbia. His partner is killed and revenge grips Ben by the throat and takes him to Scotland. The tiny seaside town just might be where the brains behind an international drug smuggling ring resides. Ben is also a strong, stubborn, and determined person with deep scares and a dramatic past. Still, he grows closer and closer to Sorcha. I like that he didn’t have that bad boy cop vibe but rather an intelligent go-getter that makes you want to take him home to your mother. The romance between them is logical, the common threads that link Ben and Sorcha together create a realistic romance that leaps off the pages.

The plot was intricate and very well developed. I greatly enjoyed the many twists and turns that made this book so much more than a simple suspense or paranormal romance. There is murder, break-ins, fraud, and a host of other crimes to keep the reader interested. This is all interwoven with some psychic elements and maybe a touch of Scottish witchcraft. The villain is truly evil, the good guys very deserving of their triumph.

The love scenes are gentle and loving, a bit more tame than I initially expected but that is not a bad thing. I would give it 7 out of 10 on my Sexy Scale. (10 being very graphic in sexy content – 1 being so tame there isn’t even a real kiss… ok, well maybe a chaste one)

Overall, a very good read. The story is immensely satisfying and I highly recommend it. I give this book a 8.5 out of 10 overall.

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This book was received through and Published by Carina Press.

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