Where did all my reviews go?

Well, I guess technology really is not perfect. Several weeks ago I casually started browsing through my own blog to see if I had missed any complete reviews when trying to load up so many at once. That was when I noticed that there were no new reviews posted – according to wordpress – since Sept 2010!

Frantically I checked my records and found more than 20 reviews and magically disappeared from my blog roll. So have patience, my romance loving friends, as I am trying to get a good portion of them back up as well as adding some new ones that I had never gotten around to uploading.

I have a bunch of new favorites from Carina Press and Harlequin as well as some new gems from Avon and Red Sage. Stay tuned over the coming weeks for a ton of new postings.

Looking for a old review but don’t see it here? I may have opted to take it down… but please email me if you would like to read it through again. You can also check out The Season for Romance blog and website for a listing of new releases, reviews, contests, and more!

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