About Me

Danielle DuBois, that’s me, is the owner and managing director of The Small Business Place. Along with my great staff, we provide all sorts of products and services to small, medium, and home-based businesses. That is my daytime persona…

When I’m not working, I’m reading and I post my book reviews here. I read primarily historical romance but you will start to find more and more contemporary reviews on here as I get more into the present genres. In addition to being posted here, most of my reviews can be found on The Season for Romance. It is an awesome website, blog, and forum with reviews by a variety of writers including some up and coming new authors, release dates, cover sneak peaks and more!

I am very lucky to receive Advanced Reading Copies (ARC’s) from several sources (thank you Bev at The Season) but I get a ton of books from NetGalley. So, sometimes you will read a review here for a book that has just been released and you may wonder “How did she get that book so quickly?”. I receive books 2 -3 months in advance of publication so that I can submit my feedback to the publishers and authors.

I can be found on twitter @D_DuBois where you can see my recent post notifications. I hope you like my take on some wonderful books and your comments are always welcome.



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